Keep your wanderlust and turn your passions into sustainable income.

Bex Business Coaching offers flexible alternatives to chipping away at the daily grind. I’ll teach you all the tools you’ll need to create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of through the power of passive income.


Who Can Do It

• Yoga Instructors
• Fitness Instructors
• Massage Therapists
• Health Coaches
• Sports Coaches
• Anyone with the desire to live a full and passionate life


How I can Help

• Create goals and dreams
• Design business plans
• Connect with my network of heath and wellness professionals
• Teach you additional skills to make you more marketable



My Traveling business Story

Wanderlust has been in my bones as long as I can remember. However, somewhere in my twenties, I found myself chained to New York City, working 60 hours a week as a fitness professional, exhausted, injured and hardly making enough money to scrape by at the end of the month. The luxury of travel seemed completely unattainable when I couldn’t even afford my weekly groceries. Thankfully, a good friend of mine introduced me to the power of passive income, and gave me the permission to dream again. So, I dreamed BIG. And within 6 months, I had not only reached my financial goal, giving me enough income to travel the world for a year, but I was thriving for the first time in my adult life. I was able to gift my beloved private clients to my friends in New York City and reduce my amount of worldly possessions to fit into the contents of a backpack all before kissing my loved ones goodbye and taking the biggest leap of my life traveling the world solo.  The business I’d built in the States, plus the residual income I earned continued to pay me while I traveled from the tropical beaches of Southeast Asia to the Himalayan Mountains in Northern India. What was supposed to be only one year of travel turned into four exciting and life-changing years that enabled me to turn passion for sharing wellness into a fulfilling international career.