Vom: The Less Appealing Foods of Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the culinary centers of Thailand. It boasts the best gourmet restaurants and international cuisines you can find in the region. What's more impressive is you never have to set foot inside a fine dining establishment to experience some of the phenomenal flavors and textures that Thailand has to offer. Just walk outside and you can run into any number of food vendors, stalls or outdoor markets and come away with some extremely tasty and interesting discoveries. Yesterday I tried jackfruit for the first time. It"s what I imagine eating an alien fetus would feel like...but with a yummy fruit flavor.
Of course, along with the delicious discoveries comes some of the more questionable cuisines that this Westerner just can't quite get behind.
These trays may look like some chili and basil spiced deep fried goodness at first glance, but upon closer investigation one discovers...
Jiminy Cricket! What would Geppetto think?!
Lauren finally found a bag of pork rinds worthy enough to be brought back to her home state of Texas. I think we can all agree who's hosting the next football tailgate!
Yves loves his fried fish head for lunch.
Sadly, I don't think the feelings are mutual.
Nothing says "I love you" quite like a gutted fish heart. I know what I'm buying my next Valentine!
So, yes, Thailand does have some food that just the sight of makes the back of my knees tickle, but to make up for it, you can buy a 40oz of beer for $1.30. Chang Beer for the win! Happy weekend!