AcroYoga in the Afternoon

A few weeks ago, my French friend, Phillipe, and I unsuccessfully drove up and down the streets of Chiang Mai looking for an Italian restaurant where our Belgian friend was having her goodbye party. After almost two hours of driving the same circle, we decided to call it quits and go in search of food elsewhere. We pulled up to the market at Chiang Mai Gate and almost as soon our feet left his scooter, Phillipe ran into one of his friends from his town in the French Alps (I swear, sometimes it's shocking just how many French people are in this city). As they began chatting in French, I prepared to enter the zoned out state I find myself in frequently amidst these conversations, when I noticed the boy Phillipe's friend was with looked to be zoning out in a way that showed me that he a.) also didn't know French and b.) was potentially an English speaker.
I found out his name was Aaron and that he was not only a Yankee like me, but studying Thai Massage with a famous teacher here. I also found out that aside from being a massage therapist in the states, he taught acroyoga and had acro-jams in Chiang Mai on the weekends. I don't have a Thai phone which can be limiting when wanting to exchange information with the cool people I meet while traveling, so I did the next best thing and asked Aaron for his facebook information.
Over the next few weeks, I was virtually invited to a couple acro-jams on the weekends, but I wasn't able to attend any of them until yesterday. Here are some photos of the session...
 It didn't take much to become obsessed with AcroYoga after that. It's the perfect mix of asana, therapeutic massage and being a total circus badass. Sadly, Aaron flew back to the states today, but I plan on attending acro-jams around the city and throughout my travels this year whenever possible. #loving #chiangmai #newdiscoveries