The Upgrade Pt. 2/The Beach Wedding

One of the challenges of maintaining a blog when you're a long term resident in one location is the risk of sounding repetitive in posts. Yes, today was much like the other days. I woke up, practiced yoga, ate, rode my motorbike, socialized and went to the beach. And same same to the previous six times in the last three months, I moved houses once again in Koh Phangan.
Yesterday my landlord called me saying he had rented out my room to another (assumingly higher paying) customer. Within hours, I said GOODBYE to my luxury tree house in the jungle, and HELLO to my even newer, ocean-view room in a brand new house further down on the property.
No longer surrounded by the tree-trunks (and the accompanying hordes of ants) of my "Princess Porn-y" bed, I've moved over to a much more subdued Queen Size with fully functioning mosquito net.
Although I loved the Western bathroom in my last room, I won't miss the unidentifiable rotting smell that came from the wall by the toilet. When I asked my landlord if he thought it might be a dead gecko, he said, "I don't know. But I haven't seen my cat in a couple weeks."
My new bathroom, sans smell, is complete with a brand new sink and flushing toilet,
storage shelves plus a fully stocked German literature library,
and a hot shower.
And just in case I feel like showering expends way too much physical effort...BAM!
And of course, my favorite part, my outdoor "closet." (Hey, you've got to be creative when you live in a room with no shelves).
This evening I sat on my terrace enjoying the jungle view,
and soaking up the last hour of daylight before a brilliant seaview sunset.
I love my new room in a same same but different way to the tree house. However, when my landlord came into my room just hours after unpacking my backpack and asked if I would move tomorrow to a bigger jacuzzi room for three days and then move to whatever he had available after, I smiled politely and said "hell to the nah!" I'll be sticking here for my final week in Koh Phangan.

On a totally unrelated note, I saw a bride and groom emerge from the sea today.
The bride tried to throw her seashell bouquet at me,
but I stood by with my hands superglued to my sides and let it go to this happy bachelorette.
 I hope she finds her island love.
#loveandinternationalkisses #besosbisousbaci.