The future depends on what we do in the PRESENT.
— Mahatma Gandhi

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about you, so why settle for a generic program? I’ll carefully craft a unique prescription to help you achieve overall balance in areas of health, wealth and happiness. 



Finding your center between mental & physical wellbeing, nourishment, and your passions.

Bex Wellness offers complete lifestyle coaching or individualized focus honing in on an area of need.


BEX Wellness Offerings

Mind/Body Wellness

• Personal Training
• Yoga
• Pilates
• Group Fitness
• Thai Bodywork
• Stretching, Flexibility,
& Foam Rolling
• Meditation



• Nutrition Consultations
• All Natural Supplementation • Regimens
• Meal Plans
•Direct collaboration with some of the best holistic health coaches in the industry


Incorporating Passions

Does being your own boss and having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world appeal to your senses? I’ll teach you how I left my exhaustive New York City life and took my business all around the world with me.



Everyone is different, so prescribing the right plan must be unique too. Contact me for a consultation.


Sample Pricing

Fitness and Nutrition Consultations: FREE
60 Minute Private Personal Training or Yoga: 150 USD
60 Minute Thai Massage: 85 USD
Package of 10 private training sessions: 1,490 USD
Package of 20 private training sessions: 2,980 USD



No matter where I go, near or far, I’m always a student…




Diploma of Yoga Therapy, Yoga Vidya Gurukal, Trimbakswar, India
Antigravity Fitness Fundamentals 1&2, The Hangout, Honolulu, Hawaii
Diploma of Yoga Education, Yoga Vidya Gurukal, Trimbakswar, India
Anna Sugarman Vinayasa Flow, RYT Koh Samui, Thailand
Therapeutic Thai Massage, TMC Chiang Mai, Thailand
National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

AFAA Group Fitness
AFAA Kickboxing


AFAA Indoor Cycling
NASM Personal Training Workshop
Meridian Touch Yoga, Level 1 (Darryl Aiken-Afam)
Yoga Nidra (Andrew Hayward)
Yoga for Obesity (Dr. Parfula Dorle)
Technique Training and Practice in Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas, Bandpass, Mantra
Yoga Philosophy
Anatomy and Physiology
Introduction to Ayurveda
Yoga Teaching Methodology
Dumbbell Training l and II (Juan Carlos Santana)
Interval Training for Clients and Athletes (Mike Boyle)
Medicine Ball Training (Juan Carlos Santana)
Kettlebell Basics (Earnest Hudson)
Band Training I and II (Juan Carlos Santana)
Functional Training (Juan Carlos Santana)
Stability Ball Training I and II (Juan Carlos Santana)
High Intensity Interval Training (Ciaran Cribbs)
Focus Integrated Fitness Journal Reviews



Ashtanga Yoga Intensive (Louise Ellis, Ashtanga Yoga Rishikesh, RIshikesh, India)
Ashtanga Yoga Intensive (Kirsten Berg and Mitchell Gold, Ashtanga Sphere, Koh Phangan, Thailand)
Ashtanga Yoga Intensive (Olivier David, The Yoga Retreat,  Koh Phangan, Thailand)
Ashtanga Yoga Workshop (Tim Feldmann, Ashtanga Yoga Center of Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand)
Thai Massage Intensive Private Instruction (Gyan Amin, Thai Massage Taiwan, Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Back-bending and Inversions (John Salisbury, Lotus House Yoga Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska)



Becca’s dedication to well-rounded wellbeing, her extensive knowledge of fitness, including anatomy and nutrition - and an extraordinary understanding of its relevance to the yoga practice - along with her empathy for those new to the vast subject, seamlessly combines with her quick wit, brilliant humor and adventurous spirit, as her contagious passion elevates others’ capacity to optimize their own body and soul.

Her training and experience in varied realms of fitness, amongst additional highly honed expertise in the field of nutrition, makes her an outstanding yoga instructor and a gifted nutritionalist with the beloved ability to speak from a scientific standpoint, in a spiritual voice. Becca uniquely integrates Western and Eastern practices as she delivers therapeutic applications of wellness to students and peers around the world. In classes, workshops, retreats and trainings internationally, she teaches a nurturing yet fun style of yoga.

Her students appreciate her clarity and playful confidence as she encourages them to join her upbeat flow. Not only has Becca been a student and dear friend to me personally, she has been an extraordinary teacher whose lessons I use daily. I graciously attest to Becca’s outstanding superpowers in the realms of teaching from the heart to the soul, creating rockin playlistst, drawing light laughter from darkness, and increasing the most sparkling brights.
— Anna Sugarman, Koh Samui, Thailand

“I had the opportunity to train in yoga with Becca along her travels around the world. She has an overwhelming passion for understanding the body both physical and mental and this shows in all aspects of her teaching and massage. Every massage i received was tailored to my specific needs at the time and great care was given to offer exercises afterwards that would help ail my back pain. The wealth of knowledge she has received studying with such great teachers is evident... my only concern is that she has not decided to settle near enough to me!”
— Maiwenn L, London, UK

“Becca is such a positive and encouraging force, she really takes on board what your goals are and then works in a gentle but hugely motivating way to help you achieve them. She has an amazing holistic approach to health and fitness too, so I knew I was in really safe hands when I was training with and felt inspired to make positive change in many areas of my life.”
— Jessica D., London, UK

“Becca’s teaching style is built upon a foundation of a strong personal practice. Those who know her well can see that she’s on a journey to deeply learn and understand all facets of yoga in order to effectively pass on her hard-earned knowledge to her students. Her wealth of experience is evident in her sequences and corrections, and her sense of inspired motivation toward physical and spiritual fitness is impossible to ignore. Becca always gives me power and confidence on the mat! I adore practicing with her as my guide.”
— Peggy H., Osaka, Japan